Robert D Allen, MBA

Bellevue, WA 98004

Key Points

Six Years of Experience
as a Front End Developer

Managed teams of 2-6
and loved every one of them equally

Master of Business Administration
from Rochester Institute of Technology

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
from Rochester Institute of Technology

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Marketing Manager, Email Developer

– Nov 2018 to present

My skip level described my activities as “the most extensive marketing we have ever done.”

As part of Amazon’s Key team I helped launch the new Key for Garage line of business, with my portion of the launch earning over 100 million impressions. This new LoB has been so successful it became the new flagship B2C initiatives of the Key by Amazon team.

After that wrapped I began working on the new Key for Business B2B line, building out their Marketo email marketing platform and all related emails, doing QA for dozens of browsers and devices to ensure compatibility. One of our emails earned a 70% click-to-open rate.

See my work from Amazon

Campus Advantage

Front End Developer, Email Marketing Manager

– Sep 2017 to Oct 2018

Campus Advantage is a major student housing management company.

While there I managed the email marketing system for 65 clients, building hundreds of beautiful emails and landing pages for syndication across the portfolio (shown below), automated systems worth 35 hours per week, and saved the company $50,000/year in hosting fees.

See my work from Campus Advantage

Amazon – 2019

Key for Garage Launch

Our Key for Garage launch was set to go live on April 23rd. I had no metrics for which placements performed best or what a usual campaign consisted of in the context of our team, so I went big. We had 16 individual placements including two of the main sliders (not concurrently), the Prime Flyout shown below, multiple Gateway Cards and Billboards, banners on several Prime pages, we were the featured story in the Prime Newsletter (above Taylor Swift!), were featured in a couple other emails, and more.

While I cannot give exact numbers I can share that my campaign was seen by over 100 hundred million users. Banner Banner

Prime Flyout on

Home Security Banner

Prime Newsletter

Direct Email

Mobile Gateway Ad

Mobile Landing Page

Key for Home + Ring Integration

Prior to the Key for Garage launch I was put in charge of the Key+Ring integration. Unfortunately I did not take the copious screenshots for this launch so instead here is our slot on the single most prestigious and difficult-to-secure slot on the entire In addition to this we had another 12 slots secured across the website, very similar to the Garage blitz shown above.

Campus Advantage – 2018

Ignite Campaign

For the Ignite Campaign I received a single wireframe of the landing page from which I made the LP and all three emails. Each was made using modular tools to ensure cross-platform compatibility, then customized heavily using HTML and CSS to produce what you see here.

Landing Page

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Year of Free Campaign

The Year of Free campaign reached over 200,000 recipients, lasted five months, and consisted of four emails and one landing page. The four emails are shown here. Each was built using a modular tool to ensure cross-platform compatibility so emails looked as good in Gmail as Outlook, Desktop as iPhone.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Email 4

Renewal Campaign

The Renewal campaign is the biggest campaign of the year reaching nearly half a million recipients. The landing page (left) was built using WordPress, Divi, and Gravity Forms. It was intended to be entirely modular to allow it to be rapidly syndicated across our 70 properties.

Landing Page

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Tribeca Campaign

The Tribeca campaign was a one-off campaign for a potential client. Halfway through the campaign the client changed the date and artist, which is why the emails have different information. The campaign was based on a single mockup and provided assets. The page was built using WordPress, Divi, styled using external CSS, with Gravity Forms for the RSVP. The emails were created using a modular tool then heavily customized using HTML and CSS. The Gravity Form styling was modular for use on other client sites.

Landing Page

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Yacht Harbor Club Campaign

The Yacht Harbor Club Informative Campaign was one of three simultaneous campaigns we ran for them in an effort to drive awareness, traffic, and sales. In this awareness campaign we illustrated 16 key benefits of being a resident. Notice the subtle on-brand gradient of the illustrations. Everything on the landing page was custom made, then duplicated for two subsequent campaigns. This campaign reached 250,000 recipients. These were built using HTML, CSS, BeePro, Litmus, Photoshop, WordPress, Divi, and Gravity Forms.

Landing Page

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Miscellaneous Web Pages

In managing 70 client websites there are often compelling add-ons which can be replicated and resold. Of the dozens of compelling value-add pages I have built, these four were my favorites. Some were made to be modular for syndication across the portfolio, others were client specific.


Savings Calculator

Skyloft Amenities

Free Parking

Home Page Templates

As part of the portfolio refresh initiative, we wanted to sell new home pages to new and existing clients. To that end I built 5 highly detailed, mobile responsive, modular home pages. Each section could be swapped easily, so every client could have a custom home page to suit their style and brand. These were built using WordPress, Divi, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.

Landing Page Templates

Similar to the previous project, the agency wanted five highly modular and flexible landing pages built from wireframes. These four showcase the most unique elements. These were made using WordPress, Divi, Gravity Forms, HTML, and CSS both inline and external.